Meccano - Micronoid MO2

Now you can have your own robot friend with the Meccano Micronoid Basher. This robot kit comes with 139 pieces for building a...


Meccano - Super Construction Set

Build, rebuild and create with Meccano-Erector Multimodels! Each metal construction system unlocks endless possibilities as...


Meccano-Erector M.A.X Robotic Interactive Toy with Artificial Intelligence

From the internationally renowned maker of robotics building sets arises a new model of impressive proportions...


Ringing Bell Lab

Build your own ringing bell lab!


Science Museum: Electricity Set

Discover electricities shocking secrets with this fun-packed science kit. There are over 90 circuits to make,..


Science Wiz Chemistry Kit

Those candle making, water squirting, freezing thawing, glop and mud pie experiments every child...


Science Wiz DNA Kit

DNA Science Wiz Science Kit teaches kids about the uniqueness of DNA and molecular biology in a fun way...


Science Wiz Light Kit

Build, explore and discover the wonderful world of light. Your aspiring scientist will have a blast learning...


Science Wiz: Chemistry +

Learn about The Alphabet of the Universe with Real Chemistry Experiments you can do. Includes a full-color...


Science Wiz: Electricity

Beautiful step-by-step, highly visual instructions and child appropriate materials designed for young children...

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