Kidz Lab: Green Science Dynamo Robot

Dynamo Robot needs no batteries! Spin the dynamo to produce the electricity to power its motor...


Kidz Lab: Science Magic

Can you float a paper-clip in a glass of water? Turn a simple strip of paper into two interlocking loops?..


Kidz Lab: Solar System Mobile Kit

This is an inspirational science kit sure to motivate future astronomers. Build your very own 3D solar system mobile...


Kidz Lab: Volcano Making Kit

Did you know that deep inside the Earth's crust, the temperature is as high as 3000 degrees Celcius? Rock melts...


Kidz Lab: Animation Praxinoscope Science of Animation

View the animation discs provided or be your own director and create animations with the blank discs included...


Kidz Lab: Dinobot

Leave it to 4M Kidz Labs to combine two super cool subjects, dinosaurs and robots, into one amazing science kit!..


Kidz Lab: Earth Moon Model

Build and paint your very own earth moon model, watch it glow amazingly in the dark and enjoy all fun activities...


Kidz Lab: Flying Science

Everyone is fascinated with the power of flight, no matter what their age. And ever since the Wright brothers...


Kidz Lab: Gold Mining

Dig and Excavate natural Pyrite Nuggets, nicknames Fools Gold. Study them with a Magnifying Glass, mount them...


Kidz Lab: Illusion Science

Challenge your eyes with the classic illusion trick cards, experience the dynamic illusions produced...

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