Biology Madness: 26 Experiments

A comprehensive science kit with 26 fun and interesting experiments. The kit includes all the main...


Chemistry Chaos: 19 experiments

A comprehensive science kit with 19 fun and interesting experiments to explore the natural world...


Crystals and Minerals: Crystals Growing Kit

Grow crystals using Mono Ammonium Phosphate (supplied) and salt (not supplied) and discover the amazing...


CSIRO Slime Science Kit

This is a kit with a difference - it’s about the world of the gooey, oozing, slimy, slippery, runny,..


Make Your Own Volcano Science Kit

With this easy, safe and fun kit you can recreate the spectacular sight of an eruption of...


Thames @ Kosmos Brainbox 518: Electronics kit

518 activities to do in this simple to use electronics kit. No soldering, just click on parts to complete the circuits...


Clementoni - Cyber Robot

Cyber ​​Robot is the first APP Clementoni robotics dedicated to children from 8 years of age and older designed to play and...


Clementoni - Mio Robot

A unique and original scientific kit with which to build a real robot!
Enjoy programming its path and participate in exciting...


Clementoni Evolution Robot

Evolution robot, discover the latest frontier in the world of Robotics in an easy and engaging manner...


Clementoni Science Musuem Mechanics Laboratory

Discover the world of mechanics and engineering with the Clementoni Science Museum Mechanics Laboratory...

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