Kids Craft

Sticky Mosaics Dragons

Introducing scales with shimmering leather textures for these fire breathing creatures!...


Sticky Mosaics: 3D Pixie Magic

Add a splash of neon then put on your 3D glasses to watch your new fish friends come to life


TLE - Daisy Hair and Brooch Kit

Put some spring in your step and your hair with this gorgeous needle felted daisy hair clip and brooch set...


TLE - Knit It Bella Ballerina Kit

If you love to dance you'll love this pretty ballerina craft kit! It doesn't matter if you've never knitted,..


TLE - Stitch It Flowery Princess Tiaras Kit

This kit has all the ingredients of a perfect flowery fairytale ending, handfuls of pretty pink flowers as...


TLE - Stitch It Lovehearts Kit

This kit is the perfect gift of love for friends, parents and grandparents...


TLE - Stitch It Woolly Bear Kit

Complete with pre-cut woolly shapes and 100% cotton pre-printed embellishments,..


Wind up Dinosaurs

* build your own wind up dinosaurs
* race them across the table top...


Woven Bracelets

make your favourite accessories
* it's a braid, sparkle & it shines..

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