Kids Craft

Galt Toys Girl Club Glitter Studio

A cool art set with over 100 pieces to create sparkling artwork. Create pictures and posters using the stencils,..


Glow in the dark - Fairy buttons kits are making 12 differen

kits for making 12 different fabulous
glow in the dark badges...


Jolly Kidz Craft - Crystal Beads Fantasy

JK Craft Crystal Beads Fantasy. Create fancy, stylish jewelry using colourful glass beads!..


Jolly Kidz Craft - Origami Decorations

JK Craft Origami Decorations. Decorate your room with colourful, shiny origami art! Create origami paper chains,..


M&D - Craft & Create - Fashion Designer

Create your own fashion collection! This book-and-craft set includes everything you need to...


M&D - Craft & Create - Friendship Bracelets

From simple knots to tricky patterns, this book-and-craft set guides kids through more than a dozen cool..


M&D - Design-Your-Own Bracelets

This exciting fashion activity set and bracelet craft kit lets kids make their own accessories to wear and share!..


M&D - Rubber Duck - DYO

Design and decorate this adorable rubber duck. When dry, this rubber duck will become your child's favorite tub toy...


M&D - Scratch Magic Deluxe Kit

Includes all of the favourite Scratch Magic activities; Scratch & Sparkle, Rainbow Black, Rainbow White and Stained Glass...


M&D - Treasure Chest - DYO

Looking for the perfect spot for stashing pirate loot? This kit includes a wooden chest, glitter glue, colourful...

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