Travel games


Now you can take the popular family game on all your family trips! Compact and easy to pack,..



Size Matters! How great are your Guestimates? This tin of delights makes fantastic after dinner game,..



Can be played as a stand alone game or used as a booster pack to the Smart Ass board game...


Smart Games ; IQ Link

Can you find the missing link?
Fit all puzzle pieces on the game board...


Smart Games: IQ Puzzler

A colourful puzzle game for building logic & visual acuity.
Solve sequentially ordered 2-D & 3-D puzzles...


Smart Games: IQ Twist

Place all the twisted puzzle pieces on the game board.
Includes 100 challenges ranging from easy to extremely...


SmartGames ; Bend it

For starters, a challenge consists of showing the solution (the color of all the balls on the playing board)...


SmartGames ; Temple Trap

In this maze, the walls constantly shift place...


Tabletop Games Asst

Bite Sized entertainment! Word Bluff - One of the all-time great after dinner games. Only your team knows the meaning of...


Travel Battle of the Pacific Game

Find where the enemy ships are hiding! Includes double-sided Play Grid, two fleets of ships and carry-case. 2 players.

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