Construction Kits

Magformers Jungle Adventure Set

With 32 pieces, you can make various types of vehicles using the different wheels in this set to explore the jungle!..


Magformers Lighted Set

MAGFORMERS Lighted Set introduces new geometric designs with 55 components and a rechargeable LED light...


Magformers Magnetic Building Construction Set - 62 Piece Designer Set

This set contains 62 pieces, like the Magformers 62 piece Set, but it has slightly different shapes than...


Magformers My First 54

Specially designated for 18+month as a starter. Vivid crayon colors will stimulate the senses and feel the fun to play...



Young minds will love discovering how to build 12 different animals with the Tiny friends set...


Magformers Power Construction Set

Magformers are entertaining for all ages. The educational benefits include quick visual conception of what can be...


Magformers Power Gear Set 59 piece Hi Tech Line

Hi Tech Line. New technology with innovative approach. Intelligent Design for Brain Development MAGFORMERS are...


Magformers Remote Control Set

This set includes a remote control set – a simple, easy to use control and receiver that can be attached to any Magformers car,..


Magformers Smart Set (144-pieces)

The Smart Set’s 144 piece roster brings together elements of other, smaller MAGFORMERS sets for a "smart" array of components...


Magformers Super Brain Set 220

The Magformers Super Brain Set comes with 220 pieces of various shapes.
The Set includes accessories from the Carnival Set and..

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