Construction Kits

Popular Playthings Playstix Flexible 400 p

The construction toy that allows you to build the ordinary and inspires you to build the extra extraordinary...


Popular Playthings Playstix Flexible Set

Just starting out - or evolving as a Playstix Master Constructor - Popular Playthings can supply extra components to...


Strauss Trunnion Bascule Bridge Wooden Kit

A common sight around the world, the Strauss Trunnion Bascule Bridge includes a unique collapsing...


Thames & Kosmos Code Gamer Coding Workshop and Game

Arduino Coding Game and Workshop
This kit introduces you to programming in a fun,..


Thames & Kosmos Happy Atoms Magnetic Molecular Modeling Set And Introductory Set

Build, scan, and identify molecules: the simplest way to learn about Atoms, bonding, and chemistry...


Thames & Kosmos Nanotechnology Kit

Discover the World of Nanoscale Particles
Some of the biggest scientific breakthroughs in recent...


Thames & Kosmos Remote Control Machines

Build your own motorized vehicles and machines and control them with a wireless remote control unit...


Thames & Kosmos Robotics Workshop Kit

Build and program robots with this complete robotics engineering system. Using sensors, motors, a core controller,..


Thames & Kosmos Structural Engineering: Bridges & Skyscrapers

Do you ever wonder how bridges span huge distances and how skyscrapers stay standing? Structural engineers use physics and...


THAMES @ KOSMOS ; Remote-Control Machines: Space Explorers

Ready your courageous robots for a mission to the moon, Mars, or beyond! With this engineering kit, you can build a...

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