Educational Games


Shake, Rattle and Roll, Long Vowel & Short Vowel Games. Early readers take turns rolling the dice and...


Space Shuffle

In Space Shuffle, form Solar Systems and collect points in a game that is truly out of this world!...


Think Fun Math Dice Game

In this captivating 3D math game, players try to get closest to the target number by creating different equations...


ThinkFun - Zingo! Time-Telling

In this time-telling version of our popular Zingo! game, players learn to read the hour and minute hands...


ThinkFun - Zingo! Word Builder

This word building version of Zingo! is the perfect confidence booster for early readers!..


ThinkFun Math Dice Chase Action Game

Math Dice Chase is one part hot potato and one part math! Players begin by arranging themselves in a circle...


ThinkFun Math Dice Jr. Game

Introducing Math Dice Jr., the perfect complement to ThinkFun’s ever-popular Math Dice. Simple rules and chunky,..


ThinkFun Spin-a-roo Counting and Sorting Board Game

Spin-a-roo is a fun, fast-paced sorting and counting game with two ways to play! early learners will enjoy the sorting game,..


Tornadoes and Hurricanes ( Science Museum)

Learn all about the origins and the movement of hurricanes with the Science Museum Tornadoes and Hurricanes Kit...

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