Educational Games


Brain Quest Sea-Quence is the super sequencing game with a cheery beach theme...



Brain Quest Silly Sentence game. Line up the word cards to create a goofy sentence...


BrainBox: Animals

Did you know that a male kangaroo is called a boomer? Or that the okapi is only found in Africa and can lick its own ears?..


BrainBox: Dinosaurs

Do you know your Tyrannosaurus from your Triceratops? Or which Dinosaur’s name means “Heavy Claw”? Developed...


BrainBox: Inventions

Where would we be without the light bulb, telephones, the world wide web or even tea bags and sliced bread?..


BrainBox: Once Upon a Time

Do you know how the gingerbread crossed the river? Or how many bears live in the house Goldilocks found in the woods?..


BrainBox: The World

In our history, no game has provoked such an outstanding response from buyers....


BrainBox: World History

Ten Minute Memory Recall Game that is both FUN and Educational...


Clementoni - Cyber Robot

Cyber ​​Robot is the first APP Clementoni robotics dedicated to children from 8 years of age and older designed to play and...


Clementoni - Mio Robot

A unique and original scientific kit with which to build a real robot!
Enjoy programming its path and participate in exciting...

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