Kids Games & Activities

Minecraft Card Game

The Action and Fun Keep Building!
The Minecraft Card Game lets players re-create all the action,..


Monkey Bingo

Load the sixteen animal tiles into the crate and have each player choose one of eight two-sided bingo cards...


Monopoly Despicable Me 2 Game

It's the classic fast-dealing property trading game of Monopoly, now with multitudes of minions!..


MONOPOLY: Pokemon Kanto Edition

Partner with Pikachu and friends in Pokemon Monopoly! Travel through all eight gyms and battle all kinds of Pokemon in the...


Monster Café Card Game

Make a reservation for ewe at the Monster Café. Play cards to seat hungry monsters around tables filled with...


Monster Chase Game

It’s late at night and you hear a rustling at the foot of your bed. As you peek out from your covers,..


Monster Game

A mad game of well-mannered monster mayhem! General Gargoyle has a strange collection of pets and a bit of...


MOUSETRAP - Original Version

The object is to trap mice in the mousetrap, while avoiding getting trapped. By rolling the die,..


Mr. Mouth Feed The Frog Game

Catapulting insects has never been so much fun. Little ones will delight in flicking bugs into this frog's mouth...


My Dog Has Fleas Game

Be the first player to keep all your fleas on Itchy's back and win!..

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