Kids Games & Activities

Tricky Fingers

Race against your opponent or play alone. Shake your puzzle box, turn over a pattern card, and go!..


Tricky Trunks Game

Come play with the elephants! race to pick up balls with the elephants, following the rules of the challenge cards...



Pop the bubble to save the minions in this Despicable Me version of the classic Trouble game!..



The game that ties you up in knots...


Twister Hoopla

challenges you to use your bodies to hold the rings in place and the last team standing wins...


Whac-A-Mole Card Game

To win this game, you'll need to collect all the cards. Play begins with the cards being dealt equally among...



The childrens version of the all time great classic parlour game. A great fun game for children six and over,..


Where's My Water? Board Game

It’s the award-winning app with a whole new life! Help Swampy get "water" flowing back into his shower...


Wheres The Chipmunk Game

Hide him INSIDE or OUT! Clue cards point the way. Can you find the chipmunk? Three ways to play!..


Wizardry to the Power of Three

The wizard students are in trouble! It's long past bedtime, but they sneaked out of the wizards' school to visit the...

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