Mind Games/Puzzles


Take your mind for a spin with Rudenko's Disk. Test your spatial thinking by moving all of the colored dots from...


Rudenko's Mosaic, Two-Sided Sliding Puzzle

Square up to Rudenko's Mosaic! Slide a series of 16 squares to form one of 40 colorful patterns...


Sapphiro Strategy Board Game

Play your diamond tiles to capture rubies, emeralds and other valuable jewels by matching colors and surrounding the gems...


Science Wiz Cool Circuits Junior Puzzle

Cool Circuits Junior is a puzzle set that pleases the eye, while engaging the mind... Game comes with one light-up game board, 8 3-D puzzle pieces, 6 orange barriers, 40 puzzle challenges, and a solution book. Batteries included. As you solve each puzzle, the light show begins.


ScienceWiz Cool Circuits

From the award winning ScienceWiz line of experiment sets comes the coolest of thinking games - Cool Circuits!..


Six Making Game

Six Making, a.k.a. Sixth, is a two-player abstract strategy game in which players challenge each other in building chess figures...


Skiwampus - The Full-Tilt Brain Game by Gamewright

Out-maneuver your opponents in this Full-Tilt action brain-builder! arrange your tiles so that the corners connect to


Smart Cookies Board Game

To celebrate the 25th anniversary of the now acclaimed game Logix (and its successor Meta-Forms),..


Smart Games ; Anti-Virus Mutation

Move the red virus out of the system!
Can you get rid of the red virus? Anti-Virus Mutation...


Smart Games ; Back to Back Logical Challenges

Single player game with double fun!If filling up one grid is not enough, how about filling up a grid on...

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