Mind Games/Puzzles


Twist it! Turn it! Solve it!
Test your logic & geography with the Brain Master World...


Brains, Make me Smile! Puzzle Game

Is it true that laughter is infectious? Find out! In the beginning, each...



A great ice-breaker and creativity game. Players open up their minds and write down everything they see based on the card in play...


Braintopia Board Game

Braintopia is a simple game that will test your skills of observation, quick thinking, and coordination...


Brix Game

Line up four in a row on a whole new level in this one of a kind strategy game! Players build their wall to...


Cathedral Classic

Cathedral Classic from Family Games is a beautiful version of the popular Cathedral game...


Coggy Brain Game

Get your mental gears spinning with this super 3D challenge. Coggy has 40 multi-level brainteasing puzzles...


Color Cube Sudoku Game

Brilliant re-imagining of the classic Sudoku puzzle using colors instead of numbers...


Covalence: A Molecule Building Game

In covalence, players work together to accurately build a number of secret Organic molecules...


Crankity Brainteaser

Get your brain cranking! Build a puzzle solution between the red gear and the yellow wheel. When the gear teeth interlock,..

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