Mind Games/Puzzles

Smart Games: Day & Night

At night, when it’s dark, you can only see silhouettes, so the “night” side of each challenge only gives...


Smart Games: Hide & Seek Pirates

Put back the 4 puzzle pieces and make sure all boats are hidden except the ones visible on the challenge card....


Smart Games: IQ Puzzler

A colourful puzzle game for building logic & visual acuity.
Solve sequentially ordered 2-D & 3-D puzzles...


Smart Games: IQ Twist

Place all the twisted puzzle pieces on the game board.
Includes 100 challenges ranging from easy to extremely...


Smart Games; SmartCar 5x5

Build your car and drive away!
Challenge your kids to build a car with 5 different blocks in...


SmartGames 2016-IQ-XOXO

Using two very simple puzzle concepts: pentominoes and checkerboard patterns, IQ XOXO was born...


SmartGames ; Bend it

For starters, a challenge consists of showing the solution (the color of all the balls on the playing board)...


SmartGames ; Jungle-Hide & Seek

Discover a new world of Jungle animals!
Can you find the Asian jungle animals shown on your...


SmartGames ; Temple Trap

In this maze, the walls constantly shift place...


SmartGames IQ Focus

Focus on the central area of the game board to solve the 120 challenges in this IQ puzzle game. Fill the grid with 10 3D,..

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