Mind Games/Puzzles

Smart Games: Camelot JR

Can you build a stairway, so the knight can rescue the princess? 48 multi-level challenges of increasing difficulty...


Smart Games: Day & Night

At night, when it’s dark, you can only see silhouettes, so the “night” side of each challenge only gives...


Smart Games: Hide & Seek Pirates

Put back the 4 puzzle pieces and make sure all boats are hidden except the ones visible on the challenge card....


Smart Games: IQ Puzzler

A colourful puzzle game for building logic & visual acuity.
Solve sequentially ordered 2-D & 3-D puzzles...


Smart Games: IQ Twist

Place all the twisted puzzle pieces on the game board.
Includes 100 challenges ranging from easy to extremely...


Smart Games; SmartCar 5x5

Build your car and drive away!
Challenge your kids to build a car with 5 different blocks in...


SmartGames 2016-IQ-XOXO

Using two very simple puzzle concepts: pentominoes and checkerboard patterns, IQ XOXO was born...


SmartGames ; Bend it

For starters, a challenge consists of showing the solution (the color of all the balls on the playing board)...


SmartGames ; Jungle-Hide & Seek

Discover a new world of Jungle animals!
Can you find the Asian jungle animals shown on your...


SmartGames ; Temple Trap

In this maze, the walls constantly shift place...

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