Think Again !


Think Again! — a.k.a. C'est pas faux! (French for "It's not false") — is a party trivia game in which...

all players know all the right answers – but where the right answer is not always what you are looking for.
Players take turns reading questions. After a player finishes reading a question, he reveals the back of the next question card, which indicates whether the other players need to answer correctly or incorrectly.
•If the question card shows a green dot, the word "Right" or the genius (co-designer Bruno Cathala's face), players must give the correct answer. For the question "What color are the Smurfs?", the first player to answer blue scores a point.
•If the question card shows a red dot, the word "Wrong" or the dunce (co-designer Ludovic Maublanc's face), players must give a wrong answer. For the question above, the first player to answer any color EXCEPT blue scores a point.
If you speak too quickly and give a correct answer when an incorrect one is required (or vice versa), you lose 1 point. After each player has asked five questions, the player with the most points wins.
There are some absurd questions (e.g.: What colours are the letters of the alphabet?). It that case, the only correct answer is "Think again".
Also include rule variants for play in teams over 3 rounds.