Clementoni Science Musuem Mechanics Laboratory


Discover the world of mechanics and engineering with the Clementoni Science Museum Mechanics Laboratory...

With the interchangeable components you can build a rich collection of more than 50 buildings and motors ranging in different complexity. This set comes complete with a motor, steering wheel, 4 wheels and over 250 components.
Build on your knowledge by using the large illustrated manual full of helpful tips and information enabling you can become a true engineer assembling a motorised crane, motorbike, helicopter and various cars with electronic motors. Let your creative side combine with your technical knowledge and create your own style of car or building.
Become a true engineer and build models with lever and gears
Build a motorbike, motorised crane or helicopter
Create over 50 buildings ranging in complexity
Includes a real electronic motor to power your models
Rack, pinion steering wheel and a 2-speed gearbox
More than 250 interchangeable components
Includes a large illustrated manual
Encourages manual skill, brain power and creativity